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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not addressed please contact us at (214) 609-3116


How long will it take to make my belt?

If we have your hide, color, width and length in stock we will ship it the next day. If we have to make it there is about a 10 day turn around time. We do occasionally have delays with customs when importing skins. We will however communicate with you immediately if there is any delay. 

How long does it take to make custom Silver pieces?

You will work directly with me for the design process. Once we finalize your design  we can generally have your piece created and sent to you within 2 weeks. 

How do I find the right measurement for my belt?

A perfect fit for a belt is for it to fit you right when the buckle tongue is in the third hole. Belts are sized from the fold where the buckle goes to the third hole. So a size 36 belt is 36" from the fold to the third hole and there are 2 additional holes and a tip which would make the entire belt 42" long. If you plan on wearing the belt with jeans make sure you measure with jeans on, denim is very thick and can add up to 2 sizes. If you are ordering a belt for an Hermes buckle we take the measurement from tip to tip and mark out how many inches each hole is from the tip. 

I have a buckle and I need a belt for it, how do I measure it?

We make most of our belts with a snap system so that the buckles are interchangeable. You want to measure the inside of the bar on the buckle that goes into the fold on the belt (where the tongue goes through). Be careful when measuring, buckles sizes can be 1/8 of an inch increments and if the belt is 1/8" too wide it will not fit your buckle. We generally ask that you send a picture of the buckle with a ruler so we can double check that we make your leather perfectly. 

I have shoes I want to match but I don't see the color on your website

Please send us a photo of the shoes on a white background. We do offer color matching in all of our skins. There are way too many options out there for us to list them all. And hides often come out slightly differently with the exact same color.  So it is easier for us to have a photo when we acquire the hide so that we can find one that matches perfectly. 


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